4 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Invest In A Bulk CO2 System

Investing In A Bulk CO2 System is a Smart Business Decision. Let us show you why!





The cost of running a restaurant can be high. Food costs, employee wages, insurance, taxes – the list of expenses go on and on. Why not act in an area that can benefit your business all around? Bulk CO2 can be your solution.

Reduce Waste

Ever witness your bar staff pouring half a glass of foamy beer down the drain? Imagine how much money is going do the drain with the foam? With a correctly calibrated bulk CO2 system that foam is beer that’s being served to your customers rather waste.

Save Money

It’s really simple: low pressure bulk CO2 is less expensive than high pressure cylinders. Savings are realized in the product cost, labor reduction in changing tanks, and less waste. Add in, an automatic delivery system, that means you don’t have to worry about watching your tank level. Leaving you more time for running your business.


There are many safety issues associated with high pressure cylinders that you don’t have to worry about with a bulk CO2 system. First, you will never have to move a low-pressure bulk CO2 system. Once set, a bulk system remains in place. No moving heavy gas cylinders that can fall over and hurt employees or damage equipment.

Since gas cylinders are pressurized, under the right conditions they can become a projectile. If during an accidental fall the valve or regulator becomes detached, they can fly across rooms at dangerous speeds.

Perfect Beverage Carbonation

Bulk CO2 system are calibrated for your beverage system. Meaning you get the perfect pour every time and your guests enjoy their beverages the way their meant to be served.

If you’re interested in learning more about a bulk CO2 system, please complete the free quote form, found here.

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