CO2 for Cannabis Bud Growth

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) can significantly improved the bud production when growing cannabis. Learn how the introduction of CO2 can improve the quantity and quality of your harvest.

CO2 Enrichment

In indoor cultivation, CO2 enrichment can increase yields by 50% or more. As germination takes place and the plants move into the vegetative stage, the plant consumes relatively little CO2 but benefits from the introduction of 600 - 800ppm of CO2 enrichment. In the flowering or "bud" stage, the plants benefit from the increased introduction of CO2 at a rate of 1,200 - 1,500ppm of CO2 enrichment. The highest levels of CO2 enrichment are most important in the final two weeks before harvest.

Introducing CO2 into the air during the various growth stages is like providing steriods to the plant. You will get:

  • More leaf growth
  • Grow faster
  • Plants and leaves will become more compact and denser

There are a variety of CO2 disbursement methods as well as CO2 controllers that can be employed. Safety is paramount and CO2 monitoring must be used.

For more information, please contact your local TCS representative.