Nitrogen Systems

The Tri-State Carbonation Nitrogen Generator systems will eliminate over carbonation and/or flat beer from your beer systems. What is a Nitrogen Generator? The Blended Gas Dispense System with its Nitrogen (N2) gas generator is coupled with your CO2 Tank. The system not only produces the sufficient quantity of N2 simply generated from the air, but as needed, provides three precise mixtures of gas to meet your quality kegged product requirements.

  • As 78% of our atmosphere is nitrogen, a nitrogen generator is able to produce nitrogen by filtering it out of the air.
  • Produces 99.8% purity exceeding the Brewers Association standards.
  • Units are compact in size, about the same footprint as 3 cylinders. View specifications here.
  • Additionally, gas blenders can be added to the unit to ensure the appropriate gas blends on the draft beer selection.