Nitro Wine

Wine on tap – who knew that you could serve wine from a keg? If you did then you are one of the innovators who are seeing improved revenues from less waste.

Most major wine centers are experiencing growth in installed dedicated, quality draft wine systems. Allowing them to serve their customers wine−by−the−glass and carafe through a reusable bulk format. Restaurants and wine bars are enjoying additional profit margins over and above that of bottled wine by selling draft wine. With virtually no product waste over partial bottle spoilage in traditional wine−by−the−glass programs, wine via a tap has many product quality benefits.

Draft Wine systems using the keg and a blended gas system

The draft wine concept was introduced in the 80’s & 90’s with limited success. Its previous failures were due in part to low quality wines dedicated to the bulk “jug” wine category, consumer distrust regarding wines keg packaged, as well as the lack of appropriate dispensing technology, and infrastructure in the supply chain.

What ensures its success this time around involves wine processing, packaging and dispensing improvements. The technological advances made in processing, packaging and dispensing wines to be served on tap allow the wine industry to deliver wines of better quality and uncompromised integrity to this new and open-minded consumer.

Dispensing Wine on Tap at the Restaurant or Bar

The on-premise tap system requirements are simple, relatively inexpensive, and critical to maintaining the quality of wine served from the tap. The basic requirements are: stainless steel components (valve coupler, tubing connectors, and faucet/tap), oxygen barrier tubing, and a blend of inert gas containing nitrogen combined with carbon dioxide to push the wine through the system. Contact us to get a quote on your blended gas system.