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Benefits of Bulk CO2 for Restaurants and Bars!

Carbon Dioxide is the key ingredient in carbonated beverages that helps determine the taste, aroma and level of carbonation to ensure the highest quality beverages are being served to your customers.

Bulk Carbonation is the safer, hassle-free, affordable alternative to high-pressure cylinders. By providing a continuous and reliable supply of beverage grade carbon dioxide, the system takes the guesswork out of deciding when to order more carbon dioxide and swapping out tanks.

No More:

  • Change tanks during peak business hours
  • Flat Beer or Flat Soda
  • Wasting Products and Supplies
  • Ordering and Swapping Out High-Pressure Cylinders

Easy bulk CO2 beverage systems have cut costs and service delays by replacing outdated and inefficient carbonating systems for restaurants and bars.

1. Never serve flat beer or soda again


With Bulk CO2, carbonation dioxide is constantly running through the system. The proper amount of carbonation is being delivered into every drink, every time. No flat drinks are served – meaning more satisfied customers! (And less waste when it comes to throwing out flat soda or beer that was poured but not consumed.)

2. Systems are completely stationary


Having a bulk CO2 system means never having to change out heavy, cumbersome cylinders. Systems that require cylinder changes forces you to depressurize the entire system and lose out on usage carbon dioxide.  

A stationary system also reduced the chances for employee injury and damage to your establishment caused by moving high-pressure cylinders.

3. Cylinders do not need to be changed out


The tanks are refilled through a fill box located outside your establishment. Our state-of-the-art trucks quickly and easily deliver carbon dioxide without having to halt beverage service during a refill, or use up carbon dioxide and syrup due to a system restart.

Draft Beers must have a reliable source of carbon dioxide to maintain carbonation.  sing this system means never serving another flat beverage again. Your customers will be happy with the top-notch quality of your drinks, and you’ll enjoy the savings!

4. System refills from the outside


Tanks are filled from the outside, making refills a breeze and allowing you to get every last bit of gas from your tank without any loss.  

5. No additional venting required


The vent and fill lines are located in a lockable box outside the facility, so that we can monitor and refill without interrupting the flow of carbon dioxide to the fountain or draft beers.  It’s a continuous, trouble-free flow.

6. 24/7 Service


Your deliveries will be scheduled based off your usage, so you will no longer have to call to schedule a carbon dioxide delivery.  We fill your bulk tank from the outside of the building, so we do not need to interrupt you during business hours.  

Whether you have a problem during the day, or in the middle of your busy time, Tri-State Carbonation offers great 24/7 service.  We can have a technician to you within 24 hours of notifying us.

7. Cheaper and Greener!


By eliminating high-pressure cylinders from your establishment, you’re saving time and money, and reducing the amount of cylinders that will end up in the trash stream.

What are some benefits of Bulk CO2?


  • Reduction in cost for carbon dioxide since buying in bulk.
  • Only pay for carbon dioxide consumed – No residual carbon dioxide left at bottom of cylinders when returned.
  • Time save by eliminating need to swap out cylinders.
  • Continuous and reliable flow of carbon dioxide always running through system.
  • Reduce waste through decreased amount of flat soda or beer served.
  • Bulk CO2 tanks need limited amount of space, compared to high-pressure cylinders.
  • Increased customer satisfaction as a result of always serving quality products.

The Bulk CO2 system for restaurants and bars is the perfect solution to your carbonation needs. Stay ahead of the competition with a state-of-the-art system that is more cost effective and efficient than the alternative choice of using high-pressure cylinders.

A continuous supply of carbon dioxide, allows you to always serve quality products to your customers, in turn, saving you precious time and money.

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