CO2 is a aids in plant growth

Benefits of CO2 for Plants

When it comes to plant growth, enriching the air with CO2 has benefits for plants. Using CO2 can enhance growth and development. CO2 is the basis of almost all life on Earth. It’s the food that plants eat! And if we go back to what we learned in elementary science class – the plant kingdom is the beginning of the food chain, without CO2 there would be no life on Earth!

Lab and field experience have shown that higher than normal CO2 levels dramatically enhance the efficiency in which plants utilize water, sometimes as much as doubling it in response to increased CO2 consumption.This results in the need for less water to produce the same amount of growth. Increased CO2 usage in plants typically leads to more extensive and active root systems, enables plants to more easily explore larger volumes of soil in search of things they need. Additional CO2 leads to more plant growth!

CO2 Raises the Productivity of Nearly All Herbaceous Plants


Productivity of herbaceous plants will grow by 1/3 in response to a 300 ppm increase of CO2 in the air.  These plants use all three of the major biochemical pathways (C3, C4, CAM) of photosynthesis. The more CO2 in the air the productivity of nearly all crops rises.  They produce more branches and tillers, more and thicker leaves, more extensive root systems, and more flowers and fruits.

Source: More CO2 Means More Plant Growth, Herbaceous Plants (

“The rising level of atmospheric CO2 is a universally free premium, gaining in magnitude with time, on which we can all reckon for the future,” Sylvan H. Wittwer stated. 

CO2 Solutions


CO2 can be supplied to your plants through high-pressure cylinder tanks or through automated bulk systems. A whole lot more time and resources must be dedicated with high-pressure cylinders. With high-pressure cylinders, the tanks must be exchanged when the CO2 in the tank runs out.  By the time the tank runs out the plants are being negatively effective. 

In order to avoid the risk of run outs, business owners typically change the tanks before they’re completely empty. This results in a loss of CO2 that was paid for. The alternative to high-pressure cylinders is a state-of-the-art bulk carbon dioxide system. These systems provide a continuous and reliable supply of quality CO2. Bulk systems are automated and take the guess work out of deciding when to refill tanks. Business owners only pay for the CO2 consumed and no residual CO2 that is paid for is returned with the high-pressure cylinders.

Why bother with high-pressure CO2 cylinders when there is an automated solution that does the work for you?!

  • There are CO2 benefits for plants! CO2 is the staff of life… It’s food for the plant kingdom which is the beginning of the food chain.
  • Increased CO2 promotes enhanced growth and development. By utilizing CO2, growers can take advantage of this naturally produced material and grow larger plants with fewer resources.
  • Carbon Dioxide solutions, such as Bulk CO2 Systems, are the perfect solution to your plant growth needs, while minimizing waste and maximizing profits!

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