Bulk CO2 System Operation

How Does a Bulk CO2 System Work?

Liquid bulk CO2 is a safer, low-pressure alternative to high-pressure gas cylinders for fountain soda and / or draft beer in bars, restaurants, breweries and more. 

How does a Bulk CO2 System work? CO2 is stored on the premise in a bulk tank and provides a continuous, reliable supply of CO2 to your soda and beer systems.  This correctly carbonates and preserves draft beer and fountain soda drinks every time they’re poured – from the first to the last! Maximizing the number of pints from each keg or soda while maximizing profits! Deliveries are automatic and conveniently filled through an exterior-fill box. Delivery schedules are determined based on your usage, so you never run out of CO2. 

No More!

NO MORE – Changing tanks during peak business hours

NO MORE – Flat beer or flat soda

NO MORE – Wasting products and supplies

NO MORE – Damage to your restaurant/bar created by heavily cylinders being dragged throughout the property

NO MORE – Injuries to employees as a result of lifting heavy cylinders

 It’s enough! Stop serving flat or foamy beer and soda with Tri-State Carbonation Service’s Bulk CO2 System.


Bulk CO2

High-Pressure Cylinders

CostGenerally less expensive than high pressure cylinders since purchasing in bulk.No buying power since buying in low quantities
ProductOnly pay for the CO2 consumed – no residual CO2 left at the bottom of the tank when returned.Residual CO2 left at the bottom of the tank when returned that you paid for but will not be able to consume.
TimeTime saved by eliinating swapping of cylinders. No need to spend time ordering CO2.Time wasted by swapping out cylinders. Tank usually needs to be swapped during peak serving time!
SatisfactionWith bulk, CO2 is always running through the system. No flat or foamy drinks will be served – more satified customers.Cylinders are replaced after drinks are flat/foamy. By this time, undersirable drinks have been served – more UNsatisfied customers.
WasteWith reduction of flat drinks, less wasted of supplies – cups, straws, lids & more.Customers typically do not consume flat drinks resluting in waste of supplies – cups, straws, lids & more.
SpaceBulks tanks only need 24″ of space. Leaving valuable space open for other products/systems.High-pressure cylinders require large amount of space and must be chained. Typicall 3-4 tanks are needed at a time.
SafetyBulks tanks are not portable. Employees do not move them, reducing the chance of injury.Cylinders require to be moved. This increases the chance of injury.
DamageBulk tanks do not damage concrete, doorways, floors, etc.Cylinders must be replaced when empty, increases chance for damage to concrete, doorways, floors, etc.

Carbon dioxide is a key ingredient in carbonated beverages that helps determine taste, aroma and level of carbonation. The Bulk CO2 systems cut costs, reduce service delays and preserve and serve great product by replacing outdated and inefficient carbonating systems. Ensure the highest quality beverage is being served to your customers with a bulk CO2 system, from the first drink to the last!

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