Manage your Waste Water facility with CO2 instead of Acid

Think your Waste Water facility is too small to consider using CO2 instead of acid? 

Think again!

For many years, strong acids were used to control pH levels in water treatment facilities, most commonly, sulfuric acid. Acid products do the job, but have many potential problem: acids are difficult to control and are potentially dangerous to store and handle.

Corrosive acid requires special materials for equipment and piping. Maintenance of systems demands frequent component repairs and replacement. Carbon dioxide (CO2), on the other hand, is safe to handle, easy to apply, efficient, and ecologically safe. When pH control is critical to your process or effluent quality, you can trust the CO2.

Advantages: There are a number of benefits that result from the use of carbon dioxide to control pH. The proposed system to adjust and control pH using carbon dioxide will reduce costs, reduce safety hazards, eliminate corrosion, improve pH control, and minimize maintenance.

Tri-State Carbonation will install a system for your application to adjust and control wastewater pH. Carbon dioxide will be injected in a manner that will provide good gas/liquid mixing for efficient dissolution and sufficient residence time for the hydrolysis of the carbon dioxide. Appropriate instrumentation and controls on the CO2 system will ensure the desired pH level control.

Contact the Tri-State Carbonation Service Engineer Team to determine if carbon dioxide is best for your pH control application.

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