Safely implementing CO2 in your grow house

CO2 is a crucial element in plant growth and budding. Implementing a safe process for introducing CO2 into your grow house operations can reward you exponentially.


Every cannabis grower's dream is to harvest big, sticky buds. To increase plant yield, indoor growers pay attention to the big 3: water, nutrients and light.

However, modern growers know adding carbon dioxide to the grow space can also benefit them and take their yields from good to great.

Why do Cannabis Plants Need CO2?

Like all other green plants, cannabis transforms light energy into chemical energy through a process called photosynthesis. Chlorophyll-containing organelles known as chloroplasts convert CO2, water, and minerals into organic compounds that are rich in chemical energy plants use to grow.

Fortunately for us, oxygen is a by-product of the process. It is released by the plants during the day as they absorb CO2. The gases are released and absorbed via the plants’ stomata, which are minute openings surrounded by guard cells on the undersides of their leaves.

If a cannabis plant does not get enough CO2 they will continue to grow until their stored sugars are depleted. Once that happens, their metabolism decreases, and they show little to no signs of growth.

On the other hand, if a plant gets too much CO2 it will slow down or even stop photosynthesis. The trick is finding the right gas level for a grow space to speed up photosynthesis and lead to abundant growth and boosted yields.

When to use CO2 in your grow room?

Many growers often ask themselves, when is the right time to introduce carbon dioxide in an indoor grow environment. And, the answer is quite simple.

For those that are looking to add carbon dioxide to their grow room, the flowering stage is said to be the most important. It is critical that when you supplement CO2 to your crops you do so within the first 2-5 weeks of flowering which will spearhead your crop production and boost overall crop size upwards of 20-25%. 


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