TCSCO2 supply beverage carbonation to Seneca Lodge

Supplying CO2 in Wine Country

In an area known for wine and wineries, the Seneca Lodge stands out. For over 70 years the Seneca Lodge & Craft Brewery in Watkins Glen NY has been hosting guests with a historic lodging, great dining and friendly bar with its own variety of Seneca Lodge craft beers.

Founded by Donald L. Brubaker, Esq. in the mid-1940’s the lodge and it’s facilities are now being operated by the third generation of Brubakers. They proudly continue the traditions set by their family and keep the fund and memories happening for hundreds of visitors every year.

The Lodge’s Tavern Room hosts mementos of race events, hunting trips, and an unusual collection of baseball caps forgotten by patrons. If you happen to be sipping a cocktail in the upper bar, look outside—an attached bird feeder attracts a variety of feathered diners when there are no humans having a meal or a drink on the porch. And on tap is their own Seneca Lodge beer. Six varieties are brewed in the cellar, where it’s also bottled—a good souvenir for those who love small-batch brew. Brett began the brewery but passed responsibilities to current Brewmaster Jason Curran. Last year they produced 5,000 gallons, and every year they increase production.

We can’t thank them enough for dumping their former co2 supplier (hint – a corporate giant that forgot about service!) and chose Tri-State! Check out the Lodge at If you’re looking for a new CO2 supplier, visit our switch page and find out just how easy it can be.

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