The Benefits of CO2 Enhancement in a Grow House

Take a trip back to high school biology class and you might remember the part about plants absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. According to Columbia University "Plants use sunlight, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and water for photosynthesis to produce oxygen and carbohydrates that plants use for energy and growth. Rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere drive an increase in plant photosynthesis—an effect known as the carbon fertilization effect."

CO2 or carbon dioxide can be very beneficial in a grow house or greenhouse. Plants use CO2 during photosynthesis to produce energy and grow, so increasing the levels of CO2 can lead to faster and healthier plant growth. However, it is important to monitor CO2 levels and ensure they do not become too high, as this can be harmful to both plants and humans.


Here are two of the many benefits of using CO2 in a grow house:

  1.  Greater Yield: Some growers notice that the average growth potential increases significantly. Total yields could be 20-30% more than without the addition of CO2.
  2.  Faster Growth: CO2 enhancement is also proven to shorten the growing period of a variety of plants.


It’s important to remember that CO2 creates oxygen depletion. Make sure that if you are using any type of CO2 enhancement that you also implement a CO2 monitoring process like those offered by CO2Meter, Inc.


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