Tragedy averted when pool chemicals are mixed

An accidental mixing of chemicals in the pool room "created a hazardous condition leading to respiratory distress" for 13 members of the New Rochelle New York YMCA. This could've been prevented if the facility were using different chemicals for water sanitation.

More than a dozen YMCA members were hospitalized when an aquatics maintenance staff noticed that the pool needed chlorine and mistakenly mixed noxious chemicals together. This situation could’ve been avoided if the facility were using liquid chlorine and carbon dioxide for its pool sanitation.

Liquid chlorine doesn’t require mixing and is added to the pool through a pump system. It easily dissolves in water and begins to work instantly.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the safest, most reliable alternative to using muriatic acid to balance the pH level of your chlorinated water. Maintaining proper pH levels allows you to ensure safe water conditions, keep water clarity and have less damage to pool surfaces.

By replacing the use of acid feed pumps, CO2 eliminates dangerous fumes in mechanical rooms from the mixing of chlorine vapor and acid. CO2 raises the total alkalinity of the water by combined with the water to form a mild carbonic acid that creates a natural buffer against sudden drops in pH.

Bulk CO2 is safe and easy to use. Tri-State Carbonation can install one stationary tank that continuously supplies CO2 through a CAT controller to keep your pool sparkling clean. Our bulk system can reduce costs by up to 30% over traditional methods or cylinders.

Keep your guests and facility safe with a bulk CO2 system from Tri-State Carbonation.

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