TCSCO2 uses Propane Autogas

Tri-State Carbonation Service is GOING GREEN with Propane Autogas

Tri-State Carbonation Service understands the environmental impact automobiles can have on Mother Earth. They are helping in the fight to reduce emissions by converting their vehicle fleet to run on clean, efficient propane gas.  

Tri-State Carbonation Service is going green with propane autogas fleets!

Propane gas was approved as an alternative fuel in the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 1992Propane gas has been a commercial engine fuel for over 80 years powering more than 4 million vehicles across the world. It is the third most popular engine fuel after gasoline & diesel fuel. Propane is clean, cost effective, safe and a reliable alternative fuel.

Tests by the USEPA show that propane powered vehicles can produce 30 – 90% less toxins and smog-producing carbon monoxide and approximately 50% less toxins & other smog producing emissions than gasoline engines. Visit the US department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center to learn more about propane vehicle emissions.

Tri-State Carbonation Service is proud to be on the forefront of environmental issues by having a propane autogas fleet! 

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