Anyone can get scammed


August 29, 2017 – We unfortunately responded to an EBay posting for a 13 ton Carbon Dioxide tank located in Oklahoma City. When we questioned it, the seller said to contact them outside Ebay where we ran into a “Praneet Pande” who had a really smooth line of BS. We were pressured to wire them money to a Bank of America Account which we did to the tune of $10,500 which was the tank and rigging onto our trailer.

Turns out – Universal Wrecking (with their website listing them as being in Tom’s River NJ) is nothing but a group of fly-by-night scam artists polished at the art of pulling scams. Universal Wrecking claims to be located at: 230 Washington Street Suite A3 Toms River NJ 08753 ——- Headquarters of the Scam !!!

Take a look at their website to see who they are:


Due to their aggressive nature to get the money wired to their bank account we were admittedly nervous since all the listed numbers come up as cell phones. Here are the crooked players involved:

  • Praneet Pande: 703-855-1583. Claims to be their salesman on the road. 
  • Steve Vesseli: 732-718-1400 Apparent owner of Universal Wrecking

This job was apparently the demolition of a large building in Oklahoma City located at 200 E Britton Rd Oklahoma City, OK 73314. This is owned by the Oklahoman Newspaper and I’m being told that they were the ones that hired all these criminals — the job was 100% mishandled by allowing thieves on site to commit scams with their assets. Who’s to say they didn’t profit from the scams?   

 BEWARE  !!!!!

We have endless text messages from Praneet and Steve Vesseli saying it’s the other guy’s fault, not us, we don’t have enough money to pay you back, we will mail half back, then make payments, will have a 3rd party attorney contact you, blah, blah, blah. 

We have police agencies in three states working on this now so others don’t get robbed by these unscrupulous criminals.   Steve Vesseli of Universal Wrecking and his co-hort Praneet Pande are CROOKS / SCAMMERS. 

If they are quoting you on demolishing anything — RUN FOR THE HILLS —  THEY ARE CROOKS

Please spread the word, share this blog about Universal Wrecking of Toms River NJ-  are nothing but THIEVES.

If you’re demolishing ANYTHING or are approached to BUY anything from Universal Wrecking — hit delete. They are criminals and we have endless facts, wire transfer with their banking information, photos, and texts. These are no good, souless pieces of garbage thieves.

Drop us a note if you’re considering using them and we will provide you actual copies of EVERYTHING we described above. We were robbed for over $10,000 by Vasseli and Pande – we don’t want to see others scammed like we were by these criminals. 

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